"Georgia On My Mind"
This TopicQuest  was designed by Janie M. Stape,
a pre-service teacher at Valdosta State University,
for Libby and David

Georgia Symbols

Come along with me to explore the pages of "Georgia on My Mind."  You will have so much fun while you investigate the sites below to learn about the symbols of Georgia.  Some of the sites have educational games to help you to learn about the symbols.  Make sure that you visit the link that contains the words to a melody of Georgia's state song.  Click onto the the listen link in the right hand corner to hear the melody.  You will also be able to link on to sites to discover many things about a tortoise, a swallowtail butterfly, largemouth bass, and a knobbed whelk.  There are some interesting sites about the live oak tree and the cherokee rose.

collection of Georgia State Symbols
1.This is a Collection of State Symbols  for the state of Georgia.  Look over the entire list of Georgia's symbols.  The list includes everything from the state's art museum to the state's wild flower.  Make sure to check out each symbol for a brief description of each.  

2. I just love the  Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly site.  You can learn all about the markings on this butterfly, then go to a link to print out a butterfly page to color.   You will also read about its lifecycle, diet and how it protects itself from preditors.  Connect to the link to learn about its habitat.

Largemouth Bass
3. There are many facts about the Largemouth Bass at this site.  Check out the fishing tips located here.  There is a picture of a two men that are catching a largemouth bass from a fishing boat.

georgia State flag
4. Learn about the description of Georgia's State Flag. After reading all about the flag, you can print a picture to color.  Follow the description to make your flag look like the one on the left.

peanut with a flag
5. There is so much to learn about peanuts. This site is filled with facts about Peanuts.  You can play games while you learn about nutrition and the history of peanuts.

Live Oak Tree

6. Discover facts about  a Live Oak Tree.  You will be able to see close up pictures of the tree's bark, leaf, acorn and a branch.

7. This is a site where you can go to read All About Georgia

Gopher Tortoise

8.Check out all of the cool pictures of this tortoise. Friends of the enchanted forest will help you to learn all bout the Gopher Tortoise.  You can click on a link to see a baby tortoise.

9. Learn all about the Brown Thrasher, the state bird of Georgia.  You can find out the exact date that the brown thrasher was adopted as the state bird of Georgia.  you can also find out how the bird finds insects to eat.
Music Notes
10. This is an excellent link to listen to the tune of  "Georgia On My Mind."  While at this site you can learn the words to Georgia's state song.

Knobbled Whelk

11. This neat place will teach you about the Knobbed Whelk.  You can link on to a page and give yourself a test to see how much you have learned.  There are also links to learn about other shells.

Cherokee Rose

12. Get a closer look at this Cherokee RoseCheck on a link to read the resolution to pass this flower as Georgia's state flower.  You can read about the Legend of the Cherokee Rose at this site.


Mrs. Brown, who is your teacher informed your class that a fourth grade class from Lake City, Florida will be spending the day in your classroom a week from Friday.  She has asked all of the students to design a poster about the state symbols of Georgia. She would like for you to link to the
Collection of State Symbols so that you can decide which symbols that you would like to use on your poster.  After you decide which symbols you want for your poster, you can use the links above to gather information about your chosen symbols.  Mrs. Brown has asked that you do a really great job because you will be sharing your posters with one of the students from Lake City.  The students from Lake City,Florida will be taking the posters back to their school to be displayed in their library.  Good Luck in creating your poster.  Your poster will be scanned and published on the Internet.
Mission Steps
  • Visit Collection of State Symbols to choose your symbols.
  • Next, visit the web sites from the table above to learn about the symbols that you have chosen.
  • Design your poster using crayons or colored pencils.  Make sure that you include two to three facts about each symbol.

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