"Take a Stroll Down Pooh's Path"
Designed by: Janie M. Stape

Pooh walking on a path

Hello, My name is Janie stape.  I am a non-traditional student attending Valdosta State University.  I am in the process of fulfilling my life's dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. I am currently enrolled with the Early Childhood and Reading Department. I have five children, one of whom still lives at home.  Her name is Aimee and she is a sophomore in high school.  My husband's name is John and he has a PhD in French.  He is fluent in many languages, but teaches Spanish and French at a local high school.  I enjoy my family along with many hobbies and interest.

We have traveled to Germany, my favorite place.  We cruised down the Rhine River, ate wurst at the Hofbrau House in Munich and shopped for cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest.  We have also visited Paris, France.  We toured the Louve, and took a quick trip up the Eiffel Tower.  We walked down the Champs Elysees.  In 1998 we had a family reunion in London, England.  We took a day trip to Stonehenge, saw Big Ben, rode a double decker bus and toured the Tower of London.

I am quite anxious to finish my degree so that I can have my very own classroom filled with students that are ready to learn.  I have taught second grade in Cincinatti, Ohio at Calvary Christian Academy  for two years. I loved every minute of teaching.  I also taught pre-K at Little Wonders near Atlanta. 

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