Belinda The Butterfly
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Elder's Kindergarten class at Lomax Pinevale Elementary Shool
 by Jeannie Land, a Valdosta State Preservice Teacher


Belinda the Butterfly has just flown in to teach all the children about butterfly life cycles! She is going to tell all about what it was like to grow up from a baby caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly!

Belinda's mother laid eggs on a green leaf and in about five days Belinda and her brothers and sisters were born.
They were very little caterpillars, and had to eat and eat in order to grow very big to prepare to enter their chrysalis.
When Belinda was ready, she went into her chrysalis and slept.
When she woke up and came out of her home, she was a beautiful butterfly!
Belinda was so excited that she wanted to come and share her story with all of you boys and girls!
You can learn more about Belinda and her story by clicking on the links and looking around.

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1.. Get answers to your many questions about butterflies and their life cycles. Just click here to get to the page and then click on the topic on the left and the questions will be listed underneath it.
2.Learn details about Belinda the Butterfly's life cycle or hear the story of Maggie the Monarch who is friends with Belinda
3. Watch a monarch butterfly emerge from its here.
4.Print out your own copy of the butterfly life cycle here.
5. Look at different parts of the butterfly  here.
6. Send a buttefly postcard to a friend's email here.

Mission Activity
You have met a new friend named Cory the Caterpillar. Cory is very nervous about becoming a butterfly! He does not know what will be happening to him! You are going to learn everything you can about the butterfly life cycle so that you can show Cory that he should not be scared!

Mission Steps
1. First, you may visit the website that website where Maggie the Monarch tells of her journey so that you can learn the what will happen to Cory.

2. To answer any questions that Cory may have, look on the site that answers questions about the butterfly life cycle.

3. Draw a picture explaining to Cory what will happen to him. You will need to show the four stages of the butterfly life cycle. Do not forget that they go in order: 1) egg 2) caterpillar 3) chrysallis 4) butterfly.

4. Explain to your teacher what you drew in your picture. Tell the four stages of the butterfly life cycle and explain what happens in each one.


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