The Princess and Her New Puppy
Designed by Jeannie Land


ONCE upon a time there was a little prince who had a very big birthday coming up. She would be six years old.  When her birthdya was only a week away, her parents, the King and Queen asked her what she would like for her birthday.  The little princess replied that more than anything she would like a new puppy. Her parents told her no, that a puppy would not  be able to live in the castle.  The little girl was very sad  but knew that her parents were right.  On the day of the little girls birthday, she opened all of her other presents  but was very dissappointed that she did not receive a puppy.  Finally when the day was almost over and it was almost time for bed.  The princess's father  took her outside and showed the princess  her final present. It was a puppy.  The little girl asked her father  where the puppy would live. Her father had built a dog house in the shape of a castle for the little puppy outside. The little girl thanked her father and told him it had been the best birthday ever.

1. How would you change the main character?
2. Where would your story take place?
3. What would happen to your main character?
4. How would your story end?

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