This page was designed for Ms. Powell's super duper kindergarten class
at Cook County Primary by Joni Coleman, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

 Fall is the time of year between summer and winter.  Fall is when the weather starts to get cooler and the leaves on the trees turn from green to many different shades of red, yellow and orange.
Another name for fall is autumn.
    A fun and exciting night in fall is Halloween. We enjoy this holiday by making jack-o lanterns and decorating with scary witches and friendly ghosts, dressing up in costumes and having fun with our friends and family. 

  A very important day in fall is Thanksgiving. This is a day we remember the Native Americans and the Pilgrams. This is a time to give thanks for what we have and share with others who may not have very much.  On Thanksgiving many people eat turkey and dressing or stuffing and pumpkin pie.
There are many other important and interesting things to learn about fall just scroll down and see what you can learn about the fabulous Fall season.    

If you are looking for some fun things to do to get  excited about fall then you will enjoy this web site which has lot of  Fun Fall Activities  for you to do

Come on in and visit Pooh's Haunted House. It is very scary and there are lots of fun things to do. You can play games or tour the haunted house. There are great ideas for costumes and recipes to make your favorite treats. You will find everything you need to make your Halloween extra spooky!!


Learn all the important facts about fall by visiting this encyclopedia site. When you finish learning about fall you can use this site to find out important information on anything you ever needed to know.

Columbus Day is the second Monday in October. This holiday celebrates Christopher Columbus and his discovery of North America. Learn about his fantastic voyage and his three ships, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

Let's find out all about the first Thanksgiving, the pilgrims and the Native Americans. We can also play some games and look at pictures that will show us more about Thanksgiving. We can even find out what they ate for their big Thanksgiving dinner.
Every fall the leaves on the trees turn from green to different shades of orange, red, brown and yellow. It is very beautiful when this happens. It is an important part of the trees' lives and necessary in nature. Learn why the leaves change color and then watch the leaves around your house and school turn colors.

Do you know what Day Light Savings is? This is when we turn our clocks back one hour in the fall and then we change them back in the spring. Does this sound silly? If so check out this site that can explain why this is so important. 

 In the fall people every where spend their time watching and playing football. Do you have a favorite football team you cheer for in the Fall?


Your mission is to pretend that you are a school teacher and you have to teach your class about the thing you like most about fall. You will teach your lesson by writing a sentence and drawing a picture . You could pick your favorite fall holiday or the cool colors that the leaves change or getting up in the morning and looking for your jacket because it is cold out side. You could talk about fall sports like football or soccer.

In order to complete your mission, you
will need to visit the Fall Information Spot and Awsome Autumn to learn as much as you can about fall. Your mission assistant (Miss Joni) will help you learn about fall and talk to you about favorite fall thing.

You will need to follow the mission instructions below to begin your mission.

Have fun!!!!

Mission Steps

1) Your mission assistant will  help you reach the Fall information spot and then talk with you about Fall and what you like about it.

2) You will then be provided with your teaching supplies which will be a piece of paper and a pencil for writing your sentence and crayons  for drawing your Fall picture.

3) Once you have completed the sentence and picture you will give them to the mission assistant and tell her all about your picture and what you want your students to learn.

4) Your misssion assistant will then place your sentence and lesson on the Fall website created for your class and then all the students can learn about your favorite thing about Fall.

5) Once you have turned your work over to the mission assistant your mission will be completed. Now, all you have left to do is to have a great Fall season!