That's What Friends Are For
By Florence Parry Heide and Sylvia Van Clief
Picture and Story by Joni Coleman

Theodore, the elephant, hurt his leg on his way to meet his cousin on the other side of the forest. Theodore was stuck in the middle of the forest unable to walk and did not know what to do. His cousin was waiting for him and his cousin would not know what happened to Theodore.  Theodore decided he could ask his friends for help. Theodore thought this was a great idea because that is what friends are for.

Theodore's friends gave him advice about what they would do if they had a hurt leg and could not walk. The problem was that their advice would work for them but not for Theodore. So, Theodore was stuck in the forest with no way to fix his problem. Then his friends finally realized just telling Theodore what they would do if they were hurt was not going to help their friend and they figured out a way to really help.

How do you think Theodore's friends were able to help?