Thanksgiving Harvest
This TopicQuest was designed for
Mrs. Bahnsen's Kindergarten Class at S.L. Mason Elementary School
By Jill Berkery, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.



Thanksgiving is a very special time of year.  During this holiday most people visit with their family and friends.  Thanksgiving began a very long time ago.  While visiting my website you will learn what people ate and wore on the first Thanksgiving.

hat             bonnet

Ever wonder how a turkey got its name?  You can find out by clicking on the turkey!
Want to create your own Thanksgiving story?  Click on the pumpkins and begin to make your story!
Did you ever wonder what the Mayflower looks like?  Click on the moving boat and take a virtual tour!
two kids
Do you want to know more about Thanksgiving?  If you want to learn about Indians and Pilgrims click on the two little kids!  (You will be headed to an online encyclopedia!)
Do you know what the pilgrims ate on the first Thanksgiving?  Click on the corn and unscramble the words to figure out the menu!
Ever wonder what Pilgrims wore a long time ago?  Find out by clicking on the Pilgrim hat!


Mission Activity
It's time to use your imagination!  You are now a pilgrim at "The First Thanksgiving!"  It has taken all year for you to grow the crops and gather all the necessary ingredients.  The past weeks you have cooked all the food that you have.  You go and sit down at the table with all of your friends and family, what do you see?  On a paper plate draw what is included in "The First Thanksgiving" meal!  Click here to explore what you are eating!

Mission Steps

1. Read the directions to find out how to accomplish the mission!
2. Click here to get more information about what they ate on that very special day.
3. On a paper plate draw everything that family and friends ate on Thanksgiving Day!
4. Color the food the color that is actually is.  Please label the foods so it is easier for your classmates to see what you have learned.
5. I hope that you successfully completed the mission.  Now you can share all your new information with your friends and family!

happy thanksgiving

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