Falling into Autumn
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Chavarria's Kindergarten Class at Clyattville Elementary School
Designed By Justine M. Beloch, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Did you know that Fall and Autumn are the same thing? When does Autumn start? When does Autumn end? Use this encyclopedia to find out how many months Autumn is.

Why do the leaves change color when the season  changes from summer to fall? Here is a video to watch on how the leaves change colors.

In autumn, some animals gather food to get ready for winter.
What is one animal that gathers food? Here is some frequently asked questions about squirrels. Use this website to make a pine cone squirrel.

Thanksgiving is a major Holiday that takes place during autumn. Why has the turkey became a symbol for Thanksgiving? Learn how to make a turkey hand print.

Autumn is the season change, for both trees and weather. Why does it get colder in Autumn? When is the first day of Autumn? Does both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have the same season at the same time?

~Mission Activity~

Now that we are done learning about why and how leaves change colors, we are going to get out of student thinking caps and put on detective hats and glasses.  We are going to go outside and gather a bunch of leaves. When we come back into the classroom you are going to pick three leaves that you found outside that you want to trace on to paper, color and then paste the real leaf next to it. Once the whole class is finished we are going to make an "Autumn 2005 Leaf Scrapbook".

~Mission Activity Steps~

1. With your teacher, visit the why leaves change color website to learn why leaves change color and then  watch the video to see the leaves change right before your eyes.

2. After exploring the website and watching the video listen to your teacher summarize what you have just learned about leaving changing.  If you have any questions  just ask. Try to answer any questions your teacher may ask.

3. As a class we will go outside and gather autumn leaves that have already fallen of the trees. Put the leaves a plastic shopping.

4.  When we get back in the classroom have a seat at your table. Your teacher will put a pile of leaves on your table. Pick out 3 leaves that you like and would like to trace and color.

5. Using your pencil, trace 1 leave on to the long white construction paper. Color the leaf. Keep in mind the colors of autumn leaves. Remember these are autumn leaves.

6. Next to the leaf that you have traced and colored, place the real on the paper and use the contact paper your teacher gave you to stick it on the paper. 

7.  Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the next two leaves.

8. Now that you have finished your leaf page put your name at the top  in a fall color and give to your teacher so she can put all leaf pages together and make the "Autumn 2005 Leaf Scrapbook"

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