Learning the Letter "I" and Short "I" Vowel Sound

This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was developed for Ms. Girardin's Kindergarten Class at Lake Park Elementary School
Designed by Jamie Yates, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

letter i


What's an igloo? Watch a short movie and play a game to find out!

What kinds of words begin with the letter I? Learn about many different I words!


Do you know words that use a short I sound? We can play a game to find out!

blue fish

How many words begin with the short I sound? Explore the picture dictionary of words that begin with the short I sound!

Want to learn more?
Practice words with short i sounds!
Want even more practice? Try this game!
 We can even learn a song that will help us remember words that use a short i sound!

Topic Mini-Research Real World Activity

    Congratulations! Because you have shown such great skills in drawing and illustrating, you have been chosen to help illustrate a dictionary!  Right now, the authors are working on words that start with the letter "I" and want your help with words that begin with a short I sound.  You can get some ideas from this online dictionary before you get started, but the word you choose does not have to be from the website.  Choose any word that begins with a short I sound, draw a picture to describe it, and be sure to write the word somewhere on the page. Now get started...you're working against a deadline! The dictionary is going to be published soon, so don't delay! But work carefully. Your work will be displayed on the Internet!

Steps to Complete Real World Activity

1. Think of a word that begins with a short I sound.  Visit the online dictionary if you need some ideas.
2. Decide on what short i word to draw, or illustrate.
3. Draw a picture to describe your short I word.  Be sure to work neatly and to make it colorful!
4. Don't forget to write the word that you are describing somewhere on the page.
5. Turn your finished work in to your teacher so it can be published on the Internet.

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