Mrs. Van Natta's 6th Grade Math Class

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Memorial Middle School Seminoles
located in the heart of Rockdale County and just down the street from our big brother Seminoles, Salem High School. We are one of four middle schools in the county and recognized as a School of Excellence. Twenty-five miles southeast of Atlanta in one of the smallest counties in Georgia and host of the 1996 Equestrian Events of the Olympics at the International Horse Park.

I moved to Conyers, Georgia in the summer of 1999. I was a paraprofessional for the county three years while I pursued a BA degree in Liberal Arts. I returned to Rockdale Public Schools in 2006 as an Eighth Grade Math Teacher for one year, and Sixth Grade Math Teacher for the last three years. My favorite things to do are reading, gardening, knitting and art.

By the end of Sixth Grade, students will understand the four arithmetic operations as they relate to positive rational numbers. Students will convert and compute with different forms of rational numbers. They will gain an understanding of the concept of ratio and solve problems using proportional reasoning. They will develop an understanding and be able to use line and rotational symmetry. Students will determine the surface area and volume of solid figures and use variables to represent unknown quantities in formula, algebraic expressions, and equations. They also will utilize data to make predictions and determine the probability of a given event. The Math Textbook we will be using is online the username for the math textbook is mathstudent and the password is seminoles.

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2-D and 3-D Shapes  111 great downloads and links to practicing two and three dimensional figures.
Slope Interept Game  Algebra vs. the Cockroaches.

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What is pemdas?
Video showing step to follow for Order of Operations

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