It's Easy as 123!!

This Topic Mini-Research Page was developed for Mrs. Keen's Pre-K class at Hahira Elementary School
Designed by Jamie Turner, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Painted picture with letters

ABC blocks
Do you know the alphabet song?  Well, take a look here and listen to this very different alphabet song!
letters with people
Do you know a word for each letter of the alphabet?  Click here to find out some!
abc on clothesline
Do you know the difference between the upper and lowercase letters?  Click here to see!
the whole alphabet
Do you want to see the alphabet in motion?  Click here to see how the alphabet works!

Mini-Research Real-World Activity

Pretend that you have a little sister who wants to learn about the alphabet.  You want to tell her about it, but need an easy way because she's just so little.  Go to the Alphabet Song site to learn some songs about the letters to teach your sister.  Then, go to the Kiddos site to see some pictures of things that each letter starts with, that way you can have some good examples to tell your sister about.  Pay close attention to this page because the last thing you are going to do is pick your favorite letter, draw that letter, and a picture to go with it to give to your little sister.

Steps for Real-World Activity
  1. Go to the Alphabet Song site and listen to some songs for each of the letters.
  2. Go to the Kiddos website and look at different pictures that go with each letter of the alphabet.
  3. Pick your favorite letter from the Kiddos page.
  4. On a piece of paper you will be given, draw the letter that you chose and a picuture of something that starts with that letter.

Topic Literature Activity
Bad Kitty
by Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty cover

Topic Literature Activity
 Using Critical Thinking Questions

  Critical Thinking Questions

1. Can you name some of the foods that the kitty had to eat when they ran out of cat food and tell what letter they begin with?

2. What are some of the things that the kitty did when she got mad and what letter do they start with?

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