Jamie's Wonderful World
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    My name is Jamie Turner.  I am twenty years old and originally from Cairo, GA.  I am currently attending Valdosta State University  and am in my junior year.  I am majoring in Early Childhood Education.  This is my first semester and VSU as well as my first semester in the education program.  I am so excited about the next two years and am looking foward to becoming a teacher.

    I love to be around kids, so I feel that teaching will be the perfect career for me.  Some other things that I love are my family, friends, and my adorable little dog, Levi.  He is a Pekingese and is most definitely the cutest dog in the world.  He means  the world to me.  I have many hobbies, one is singing.  I have been performing for others since I was about eight years old and I absolutely love it.

Teaching i not a profession, it's a passion

      I feel that educators are some of the most important people in children's lives.  They  play a big part in molding them into what they will one day become.  The internet has so many great sites for teachers.  There are two that I found that I really like.  The first one is The Lesson Plans Page.  It offers great lesson plans for kids of all ages in every subject.  It looks like it would be very helpful.  The other site is ABCteach.  It is actually a site for teachers, student teachers, students, and parents. It has lesson plans, activities, assignment sheets, awards, theme units, and so much more.

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