This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Peggy's Pre-K Class at Cook Primary School
Designed By Jessica Stone, a Valdosta State Presservice Teacher
red square, blue circle, green rectangle, purple triangle
green circle
Do you know how many sides a triangle has?  See if you can match the shapes.
red right triangle
How many corners does a circle have?  Let's read this story and see!
yellow circle
If you put all of these shapes together what does it make?
blue triangle
What will Oochy do if you choose the right shape?
red square Can you tell me the defintion of some shapes like a circle, triangle, and square?

colorful lollipop    Mission Activity   colorful lollipop

  Today you are going to be candy makers!  You are going to create lollipops!  You get to choose the colors and you can even decide what it would taste like!  What shape is a lollipop?  Think really hard because a candy maker has to know.  Once you have decided its shape, you will be given a piece of construction paper to decorate with markers.  Then, you will cut out the decorated circle and glue it to a cardboard circle.  You will then attach the stick and you have made a lollipop!

Mission Activity Steps

1. Today we will learn about circles.

2. You will re-visit the website and read the story Draw Me Shapes to make sure you know your shapes! 

3. You will decide what you want your lollipop to look like.

4. Then, you will get a piece of construction with a circle already drawn on it.  Decide how you want your lollipop to look and the colors and design you will make.

5.  After decorating the lollipop circle you will cut it out and pasteit to a piece of cardboard that you are given.

6.  Finally, you will attach the circle to a stick you are given with a piece of tape.


colorful lollipop

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