The Giving Tree
By Shel Silverstien
Picture and Story by Jennifer Purcell

 The Giving Tree is a story about a relationship between a boy and a tree.  The boy would play with the tree and he loved the tree and the tree loved the boy.   The boy would come to eat the trees apples and sleep under the trees shade.

     The boy grew up one day and he stopped coming to the tree.  The tree became sad and then one day the boy returned to the tree to ask for the trees help.  The tree always gladly gave the boy what she could. 
   Then one day the boy came back to the tree and this time he was a very old man.   The tree was sad because she had nothing left to give the boy and she so badly wanted to help the boy.  The tree gives the boy the best thing that the boy could ask for.
The boy and the tree were happy.

Critical Thinking Question:  The boy comes back to the tree when he is very old, what do you think he might ask for this time?

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