This Little Piggy Went to School!!!
Designed by Jessica Leggett

Four cute pink pigs

    My name is Jessica Leggett and I am an Early Childhood Education major at Valdosta State University. I enjoy attending the BCM at VSU where I have made many new friends.

    I am from the small town of
Baxley, Georgia where I grew up in the country. My granny used to take me out to visit the pigs down the road when they were just piglets.  These trips gave me the idea to start collecting pigs. I collect all types of pigs and piggy banks! I especially enjoy baby pigs and just how cute they are! 

    I am engaged to
Airman James Johnson and we have been dating since September 16th of his freshman year of high school! I am two years older than he is, but we have a wonderful relationship and I look forward to traveling with him as an Airman's wife, which is said to be the hardest job in the Military. Here is a website that I have started using to find amazing recipes for my future as an Airman's wife!

    As a future educator I would like to share with you some amazingly helpful webpages. The first webpage that I will be using frequently is the Georgia Standards page that includes all standards that teachers need for planning to teach our students. Another page that I will be using is the Bright From the Start webpage that gives information regarding pre-k standards and other wonderful information for pre-k teachers.

Prom picture of James and I
Airforce Graduation picture of James and I
Engagement picture of James and I

James' Boot Camp Graduation 2009

Me, James, and his parents at my graduation
me my mom and dad
Me, my grandparents, and my uncle

My High School Graduation 2007


My Brother Doyle

My Brother Josh

Here are some pigs that you may find in your school library!
AND if you click on the book there are some links to ideas of lessons to use with the books!

Charlotte's Web Book picture
This Little Piggy book
three little pigs book


Information Table
Small pig drinking from coffee cup
Ways I Can Integrate Technology
Three little pigs
My LiveText Portfolio
small pig smelling a flower
My Teacher Pageflakes
Piglets that have paint on their faces
Future Page for Teaching
orange piggy bank
eBook Website
blue piggy bank
eBook Lesson Plan 1
brown piggy bank
eBook Lesson Plan 2
green piggy bank
eBook Activity

Student Fun & Educational Resource Table
Social Studies
pig reading a book
pigs with counting numbers
pig flying into space
cute flying pig
singing pig
Star Fall
Cool Math 4 Kids
Engaging Science
SFS Kids

A pink pig sitting above sign that says email