Butterfly Effect Of Learning

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My name is Jaukena Gainey I am 20 years old. I am originally from Dublin, Ga, but I currently reside in Valdosta. I am a junior Early Childhood Education major at Valdosta state university. I am just starting my first professional block, and I am so excited about going out into the schools. I have wanted to be teacher every since Iwas a sophomore in high school. I am extremely excited about making a difference in the world through the eyes of children. After obtaining a degree I would like to become a Pre-k or kindergarten teacher, then I would like to open my own daycare center .

I am the proud mother of a one year old son named Tyrek, who is my pride and joy. I enjoy reading and writing poetry in my spare time, my favorite poem is "Footprints in the Sand" and my favorite poet is Maya Angelou. I also enjoying working with children, I am currently work for the Kaleidescope After School Program, and I really enjoy the working with the children. This job gives me the opportunity to work directly with children in a hands on setting, and also it gives me the chance to gain field experience.

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