When I Wished I Was Alone
Written and Illustrated by Dave Cutler
Picture and Story Design by Jessica Ebereberger


Sometimes we're so mad that we wish everyone would just leave us alone!
One young boy was very angry at his family one evening and his wish came true...
He woke up on a small island floating in the middle of the sky. Just imagine all the wonderful things he saw while on that island...
He watched Saturn float by; the stars and planets dance.
Although he enjoyed being by himself, after a while he started to wish for something else. He started to miss his family. Although there were many wonderful and beautiful things for him to enjoy, without his family to share his pleasures with, it didn't seem as special. But how would he get back home? With the help of some birds and stars he finds a way home. When he landed back on his bed he couldn't wait to do anything but tell his family about his adventure. But more than telling his family about his adventure, he wanted to tell them that he loved them.

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