Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
This topic quest was designed to Mrs. Joy's Pre-Kindergarten Class at Valdosta Community Child Care Center
by Jessica Durham, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

Traffic Light

TopicQuest Introduction

Have you ever wondered how many ways there are to travel? Most of you get to school by a school bus. Your parents have a car or truck that they use to get where they need to go. If you want to cross the ocean, there are a lot of different ways to travel. You can go by boat or plane. There are also ways to travel safely. All of the ways to travel are called modes of transportation.

Couple on vacation

When we travel to far off places in our cars what do we drive on? We drive on a highway. The Federal Highway Administration has a cool web site just for you to come look and see.
Playing with Toy Cars

Daniel is five and is helping his dad decide what kind of car is best for there family. They look at all sorts of cars. Finally they decide on the perfect one. Go to this cool site and find out what kind they buy.
Bicycle Pedaling

There are lots of ways to travel, but one that is sometimes over looked is the bicycle. There are lots of places bikes can go that cars and trucks can't. Find some cool safety tips and learn how to bicycle responsibly.

Have you wondered how airplanes fly? Who invented the airplane? Was the airplane the first aircraft? See the wonder of flight and different objects that you never thought could fly.
Tain Engine

Who is the coolest train? Thomas the Tank Engine. Come see what him and his friends are doing and play some cool games with them.
Fishing Boat

What kind of safety gear can you find on a boat? Play a cool game of tic-tac-toe and find out.
Mechanic Stuck Under Car

Who know the origins of transportation? Did you know that people used covered wagons in the past? Come look in this encyclopedia and see how we used to get around and how far we have come.
Airplane on the ground

Who invented the airplane? When did it first fly? Learn  about the age of discovery and what new things we have invented sense then. See the world's largest plane. Look at what makes a spaceship.
School Bus

Learn some cool safety rules to get on and off the school bus. Should you walk right next to the bus or where the driver can see you? How early should you be for the bus?
Let's visit the DOTs transportation site for kids and see what cool things they have planned for us.  They have real life super heroes in the transportation industry. They have lots of safety tips for you to learn. Come see what all the commotion is about.

Motorcycle Man
Go Get the News
You have just received the top reporters job at the Travel Channel. The Travel Channel has all kinds of cool destinations and places to go and see. Your job is to find the best places for kids to visit and the easiest modes of transportation to get there.
Write an article and talk about what you would do on the trip. Draw an illustration of the way that you would get there and what you would do once you got there.

Mission Steps

1. Go to the Travel Channel and decide what kind of vacation is best for a     family to take.You can also use travel magazines.
2. Decide where you are at and where your destination is by using Yahoo     to get directions.
3. Discuss what you should do once you get there and what sights you         should see.
4. Draw a picture of the place and transportation that you used to get             there.

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