Boris and the Monsters
by Elaine Macmann Willoughby
Picture and Page Designed by Jessica Durham

Boris and the Monsters

    Boris is a little boy with a big problem. He is afraid of the dark and the monsters that come out after the lights go off.  Boris thinks of any excuse not to go to bed. "I just have to feed my goldfish," or "I have to work on my airplane." His parents tell him he has to go to bed. They reassure him over and over there are no monsters.
    Boris feels okay, but then he suddenly feels not alone. If he looks closely he can see shapes in the darkness and they are dancing. The closer he looks the more he is convinced that there are monsters in his room.
    The next morning Boris tells his parents about the night before and how he was so scared. He decides with his parents he should get an animal to guard him. Boris really wants a tiger, but his father says tigers didn't make good house pets. Boris decides on a dog. They go to a pet shop. Boris tells the man he wants a watch dog. They pick out a puppy that will get bigger. Boris names him "Ivan the Terrible." Boris shows everyone his dog. He talks about how ferocious he is and how he is the best guard dog.

    That night, Boris takes Ivan in his room and makes him his own bed on the floor. Ivan whimpers a little bit and appears scared of the dark. He jumps in bed with Boris and begins to howl. Boris' parents run upstairs and see what the horrible noise is. Boris shows them Ivan was scared of the dark. Boris tells his parents it is okay. He said he would protect Ivan until he wasn't afraid of the dark anymore.


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