'Come Frolic in the Flowers'
Miss Jessi's Class Page
by Jessica Durham


     My name is Jessica Durham. My students call me Ms. Jessi. My field experience is at Valdosta Community Child Care Center. It is located in Valdosta,Georgia. Valdosta Community Child Care Center is an extension of Head Start. It has grades Pre-K and below.
Butterflies and Flowers
     There are 12 students in my class. The students start their day off by writing in their journal and drawing pictures. Next is breakfast. When we come back to the classroom we have large group time. Mrs. Joy, my mentor teacher, reads a book and sings with the class. We have centers everyday. The most popular center is "house keeping." In this center, the boys and girls get to cook, clean, and play dress up if they want to. After centers the students go outside for recess. They can ride bikes or play on the recess equipment. It is loads of fun.

Bunny smelling flowers

     I really enjoy going to my field experience class. I learn something new everytime I go. Mrs. Joy's kids are the best kids in the world. They love to have fun.

Happy Mushrooms Hummingbirds Tulips

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