All About Mrs. Guess


                       My name is Jessica Guess. I am from Valdosta, Georgia. I am a
                 teacher at Worth County Primary. I will be teaching second grade
                 inclusion in the 2006-2007 school year.
I am really looking forward
                 to teaching in my own classroom. I hope to be the best teacher I can
                      I completed my degree and masters at Valdosta State University.
                 Valdosta is my home town, where I was born and raised. My 
                 husband is also from the area.  We are happy to be moving on to
                 bigger and better things in the Tifton area. My husband is an 
                 accountant at Bowen, Phillips, and Carmichael, CPAs.  He loves his
                 job and I hope to have him maybe come and speak to the class at
                 some point in the year.

                       Below you will find a link to my class page. I have a grade book
                 for you to access with your students grades. I also have the weekly
                 homework posted and any upcoming events. There are fun links for
                 your student to look at. If there is anything you cannot access or if
                 you have any questions, you can e-mail me at



 My Class Page
My Class Page