Internal Proposal

The internal proposal is a document--at least two pages long--written by you as a member of an organization to a superior in the same organization. In it you propose a solution to a problem you perceive in the workings of the organization. Because this is an internal communication, it should be written in the form of a memo; read carefully the model internal proposal in the Kolin text. Though dated, it is a very strong example.

Obviously, in order to complete this assignment, most class members will be engaging in some play acting; most writers will not actually submit their proposals to their superiors. Some members are writing about problems in past positions.  But write the proposals in the present tense as if you are going to submit them and go ahead and submit them if you have the appropriate relationship with your superior. Explain that you did the work as an assignment in an English class but you thought that he/she might like to see your ideas anyway. You might impress someone and actually get something accomplished.

Here is an overview of the proposal in terms of SCAMP: