Ms. Erin Frankish's SNPK Class
with Ms. Julie Sealock

Designed by Julie Sealock


We present to you a
Kaleidoscope of Shapes and Colors

First Pattern  Second Pattern  Third Pattern

We are Lake Forest Elementary School, home of the Lions.  We have a 98% Hispanic population, and are located in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Sandy Springs officially became a city in 2005, and is the third largest city in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  Click here for the Lake Forest web page.

I am a paraprofessional in Ms. Erin Frankish’s class, and for the summer I am in charge of our web page.  I have been with Lake Forest since its doors opened two years ago.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology, and currently working towards my Masters in Teaching at Valdosta State University.   My interests outside of school include drawing and painting.  I believe my best work is with charcoal.  Click here for more about charcoal drawings.


Our Special Needs Pre-K (SNPre-K) classroom consists of 9 students, 1 teacher and 2 parapros.  Our other team members are a speech, occupational, music, art and physical therapists.  In addition, we have specialists in the area of vision, hearing and behavior.   Our goal is to prepare our students for kindergarten.  We also focus on fine motor, cognitive and sensory skills.  We have circle time, which includes learning days of the week, months of the year, weather conditions, counting and colors.  Our centers include math, kitchen, books, table toys, math, legos and blocks.  Click here for more about SNPre-K.


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Our newsstand is currently closed.  We wish you all a great summer!  We will reopen in August with our 2010-2011 calendar information.


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Dear Parents,
The following are Miss Julie’s recommendations of educational web based games for our students over the summer.    We have included some of the topics we covered this past year including shapes, colors, numbers and alphabet.

Click here for more on Fishy Count.  

Fishy Count
The students are shown a specific number of fish
on the screen, and asked to respond to the multiple
choice questions.

Click here for more on Hedgie Coloring Pages.

Days of Week Hedgie Coloring Pages
These pages spell out a day of the week, and allow the student to trace the letters. 
There is also an opportunity to color.

Click here for more on Shape and Color Train.

Shape and Color Train
An audio prompt instructs the student to select a particular shape or color of a shape that are each represented as a railroad car.  Each time a correct response is given these railroad cars connect to form a train.

Click here for more on Shapes and Colors.

Learn Your Shapes and Colors

This learning activity shows an image of a colorful shape followed by a verbal description of both shape and color.

If you need to reach me this summer, click this icon to email me