Hop into Easter!!

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Cindy's Pre-K Class at Cook County PreSchool by Kaci Rodriguez,  a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Why do we celebrate Easter?  Why are bunnies and chicks associated with Easter?  Why do we eat candy?  Why do we color and hide eggs?

Would you like to Adopt a little chick?  What about plan an Easter party?  Would you like to play Easter games online?  This website has all these things and more for everyone to enjoy.

This website gives you more information about the religious aspect of Easter.

This website is devoted only to jelly beans.  You can buy them, play games, get a free sample, and there are even recipes.

This website is completely devoted to a favorite Easter treat.  Marshmallow Peeps.

This website is loaded with activites, screensavers, poems, party fun and many other things to do for the Easter holiday.

This website has different religous ideas of EasterNot only Christians but other religions as well.

This website explains the history of the Easter egg and different ways to color them as well as Easter Poems and Stories.
This website is designed for teachers who want games and activities for their class to do in correspondence with Easter.

Here are some coloring pages all about Easter.

Here are some fun Easter Coloring Pages, games, and other activities that may be printed and enjoyed for the Easter Holiday.


Imagine that you are a famous painter.  You want to paint a beautiful Easter painting for a museum.  Your painting will be of one things associated with Easter.

Mission Steps:
1.  Explore the websites above and decide what idea or theme you want to paint.
2.  Think of thecolors you will use.
3.  At the easel,  you will paint your Easter picture and then hang it up to dry.

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