If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
Author: Laura Numeroff
Picture By: Kaci Rodriguez

    This is the story of a boy and his friend mouse.  In the morning, mouse wants a cookie and the boy is sent on a day long adventure.

    First the boy wants a cookie and next he wants a glass of milk.  Then he wants a straw to go with the milk, a napkin to wipe his face, and so on.

    The adventures continue through a nap, a story, and drawing a picture.  Finally, Mouse wants to put his picture on the refridgerator.  "Seeing the refidgerator will remind him that he is thirsty."  Mouse will the ask for some milk.  "And chances are, he'll probably want a cookie to go with it."

    Continuing the the cycle all over again.

Critical Thinking Questions:

1.   If you could pick another animal to be in this story, what would it be?  What do you think he would choose to do?

2.   If you were the mouse, would you do the same things?  Which ones would you do?  Which would you not do?  What new activities would you do?

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