Fun on the Farm
This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Rogers's
Kindergarten Class at Clyattville Elementary
by Julie Haddock, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Have you ever been on a farm? What kind of animals did you see? Have you ever feed or petted the animals on the farm?  Do you know the sounds these animals make? Explore the following links and you will find out more about animals. You will learn what kind of foods they eat and the sounds they make. You will also have a chance to learn about farm safety, baby animals and just play some exciting games. Have fun and enjoy your time.

What farm animal is your favorite? Do you like cows, chickens, ducks, and horses?  Do you think that a dog is a farm animal? Check out the kid farm web site and see if you can figure out if a dog is a farm animal.
cows Have you ever wondered where milk comes from? Do you know what cows eat? Visit the kiddy house and learn all about cows. You can take a Moo Milk Quiz or participate in a cow contest. There is also many other fun activities on this website. Have a Moo of a time!
Have you ever been to a country fair? Did you see the animals there? Were they farm animals or other animals. Visit Booster Rooster and his country fair. While you are at the fair see if you can figure out how many farm animals are there.
turkey Have you ever read a book about a farm animals? Did you like the book? Elmo is going to read a book to you online. Elmo has some problems identifying which animals make which sounds. Do you think you can help Elmo figure out what's happened?
 Corn is grown on farms to feed animals. Have you ever wonder through a corn field? What was it like? Did it seem like you were in a maze? Well, visit  davis farm land and travel through the mazes on this website. They are fun and exciting try not to get lost. While you are there you may want to listen to the farm animal sounds and even some sound of animals that don't live on the farm. You may even sign up for the moos letter just make sure you parents say yes first. Have a flying good time!
Do you think that all farms are safe places for boys and girls? Why or why not? Check out Sam's website and see what he has to say about farm safety. See if you can come up with some other do's and don'ts about the farm. While your there check out each of his page about each of the farm animals. Did you know that Sam is a six year old boy who loves farms?
moo cow
Do you know the name of the house that  roosters live in? What about a horse, where do you think horses sleep at night? What is the name of the place where cows wondered around in and eat at? Do you think the farmer has any animals that live in his house? Go to Barnyard Friends website and find out the answers to these questions. Good Luck!
How do chickens play the drums? Go to Daisy's kids club and click on the link to Daisy's Funnies and you will find the answer to this riddle and many more. You can even try these riddles on your parents to see if they can guess the answer. Have some riddling fun!
Check out the encyclopedia. Research any topic about farming that you would love to learn more about. Click on the link encyclopedia, then once you are at the page type in the word that you want to search in the search bar and hit enter. You can then open the links and read all about your topic. Trying searching using the words: farming, farms, cows, chickens, barns, farm animals, roosters, donkey and any other words you can think of.
Have you ever heard of the 4-H club? Do you know what it stands for? It is a national club for young children to participate in. It is an out-of-school program that promotes learning about different aspects especially farming. If you are interested in learning more about 4-H just click on the link and you will find a lot of interesting facts. You can also click on the link to join the 4-H; however, you can not sign up your parents have to do it for you.


Imagine that you lived on a farm and could have any animal that you wanted. What animal would it be? Where would it sleep? What would you feed it? Why did you choose this animal? Now, your mission is to visit the alphabet soup website and listen to the sounds  animals makes. Then c
lick on the link to the website titled learning more about farm animals. Once at the website click on each link to learn what the animls eat. . Know that you have listened to the farm animal sound and read about what they eat. Which of these animals would you choose to have on your farm? Using modeling clay, create your animal, build a fence so it doesn't escape, and don't forget to make it some food so it can eat. Then share your animal with your class, tell them what sound it makes and  what food it eats.

running feet
Mission Steps

1. Visit the alphabet soup website and listen to the sounds  animals makes.

2. Click on the link to learning more about farm animals. Once at the website click on each link to learn what the animls eat.

3. Choose one animal that you would like to have on your farm.

4. Using  modeling clay, which is provided by your teacher, create your animal. Don't forget to build a fence for you don't want your animal to escape. You will need food to feed your animal.

5. Your teacher will take a picture of your animal and post it on the internet. You can also share your creation with your class. Make sure you tell the class what sounds your animal makes and what your animal eats.

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