The Rainbow Fish
Author: Marcus Pfister
 Picture & Story by Julie Haddock

rainbow fish
    Rainbow Fish is a beautiful fish with shiny scales. All the other fish in the sea admire Rainbow Fish. The little blue fish asked Rainbow to share one of his shiny scales. Rainbow Fish refused and swam away.

    The little blue fish was so upset he told the other fish that Rainbow Fish was not nice. The other fish ignored Rainbow Fish which hurt his feelings. Rainbow Fish swam by himself with noone to play with. He was distraught so he went to talk to Mr. Octopus who told him to share one shiny scale with another fish.

    Rainbow Fish was not sure about sharing his shiny scale. He though and thought about what the wise octopus had to say. He shared a shiny scale and found out how happy it made him. Rainbow fish found out that sharing can be fun and that it hurts everyone's feeling when he was not nice.

Critical Thinking Questions:
    1. In the story The Rainbow Fish, how do you think the story would have ended if Rainbow fish did not listen to the Octopus and he did not give his shiny scales to the other fish?

    2. How do you think the other fish felt when they asked Rainbow fish for a scale and he would not give it away? Why do you think that Rainbow Fish would not give his scales away? How would you have felt if you were the other fish? How would you have felt if you were Rainbow?

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