Name: Julie Haddock

            Erin Ray


Title: Mouse Puppet


Identified Discipline: 


PLO:  Children will be able to use different art matrix to create their own mouse puppet to illustrate the mouse in the story If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.



Grade K   Fine Arts Visual Arts


Topic: Connections

Standard: Applies concepts and ideas from another discipline and its topics as sources of ideas for own artworks.




·        Teacher will read the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff, while using a story-telling apron to demonstrate the scenes in the story.

·        Teacher will ask some critique thinking question:

A.     What would you do if you had a mouse in your house?

B.     At the end of the story if the mouse would have asked for water instead of milk what do you think would happen next?

·        Teacher will distribute materials and give instructions for making mouse puppet. Use a small paper lunch bag for the puppet.

·        Students will use construction paper to draw a circle for the head, cut out the head and glue onto bottom. When bag is closed this part makes a flap. The head will essential be glued on to the flap leaving the bag part for the body.

·        Students will cover the rest of the bag with construction paper for the body.

·        Students will cut out ears out of construction paper and glue onto the head.

·        Students will cut out hands and feet out of construction paper and glue onto the body.

·        Students will glue goggle eyes onto the face.

·        Students will glue pom-poms onto the face for the nose

·        Students will lift the flap up and glue a piece of red construction paper on the bottom side. This will illustrate the inside of the mouth.

·        Students will use curly ribbon to glue whiskers onto the face.

·        Students will use curly ribbon to glue a tail onto the back of the bag.



This lesson can be extended into a drama lesson. Children can use mouse puppet to act out the story.




Teacher will use checklist to identify if children successfully created puppet.






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