Spring Planting Fun
This topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was designed  for Ms. Coker's Special Ed Class at Mary Hayes Elementary   by Jeff Hughes a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


Have you ever wanted to plant a garden? What kind of garden would you want to plant? Would you want to plant a flower garden or a vegetable garden. Planning is a big part of having a garden. So click on the highlighted link and find out what is involved in planting a garden.
Now that you have planned what kind of garden you want to plant, it's time to get to work. Planting will offer an opportunity for you to learn how to properly put your seeds in the soil, fertilize, and water your seeds in order for them to grow.
Having a garden will require some work of you. Are you ready to get down and dirty? Taking care of your garden will help it stay healthy, alive, and beautiful. Take a look at JMGKIDS and find out what it takes to have healthy plants. You will find out pulling weeds is not the only work you will have to do to keep your garden beautiful. Watering and feeding are also essential for a beautiful garden.
Now that you have gotten your plants full grown let's take a look at the different parts. Plants have several parts that they need to grow and reproduce. Click on  Bud and Sprout to find out more about plant parts. Click here to learn more about parts of a plant.

This is your job.
Pretend you are a farmer. You've been invited by Mr. Hughes' third grade class to explain the parts of a plant. You will need to draw and label the different parts of a plant. You will find the different parts of a plant ThinkQuest.


Steps for Real World Activity
1. Visit these websites: ThinkQuest  and Bud and Sprout's website.
2. As you are going through the sites take notes of important facts on parts of a plant.
3.. Draw and label the different parts of a plant and give a brief description of what they do.

Topic Literature Activity
How do Plants grow
How a Plant Grows
Bobbie Kalman

Topic Literature Activity
AplantingBud and Sprout's website
1Where does a plant come from?
   What part of the plant holds up the leaves?
3.  What part of the plant absorbs food?
4.  What  does a plant need to grow?
1. What are some examples of annuals, biennials and perenials?
 2 . What are the different ways that plants are pollinated?

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