Do you know your ABCs and 1-2-3s?

This page was designed for Ms. Clemons' Pre-Kindergarten class at Hahira Elementary School
by Jeanne Harris, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

1.  If you are looking for a fun way to learn the letters of the
                                   alphabet and the sounds that they make, then visit
                                   Primary Games and play the ABC Game.  This
                                   game presents a letter of the alphabet and its sound.

  2.  Read a book online about the alphabet.  Susan
                                             Beasley wrote the book"Aa to Zz" in which she
                                             lists the letters of the alphabet and presents a
                                             picture to go with each letter.

3.  Learn the shapes and sounds of the letters when you visit
             Alphabet Action.  You also have the chance to see a word that
                       begins with each letter.

4.  Did you enjoy Alphabet Action?  If you did, then visit the
                          Alphabet Coloring Page.  Print out each letter and picture
                                  from Alphabet Action to make your very own alphabet
                                  coloring book!

  5.  Learn the counting numbers by playing
                                    the Number Game.  The Number Game lets you
                                    read the number word and pick the number that

  6.  Learn to count with the counting book "One Little
                                    Ball."  Read the book by Susan Beasley and count the
                                    number of balls on each page.

    7.  Learn the counting numbers from 1 to 10.  This site shows
                             you both the word and the numeral for each counting number
                            up to 10.

8.  Can you guess how many?  Try your counting skills out on this
                       web site.

9.  Climb aboard the Number Train!  Can you count the number of
                  cars on the train?

10.  Polish your counting skills on this site.  Learn the counting
                        numbers from 1 to 20.

A Search for Letters and Numbers
Scenario Activity

Ms. Harris is having a bad day and needs your help.  She can't find any letters or numbers anywhere!  Can you help Ms. Harris to find some letters and numbers?  Look for some letters when you visit Alphabet Action.  You may find a few numbers when you play the Number Game.   Did you have any luck?  If you are able to find any letters or numbers, then write the letters and numbers on a sheet of paper.  Then find the letters and numbers on the computer and type your results! 

For more information, see my Topic Lesson Plan.


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