No David!
by David Shannon

When David Shannon was 5 years old, he wrote his first book.  The book only had two words: no David.  When David was a grown up, his mother sent the book to him.  He made a few changes and now has published his very first book!  The little boy in the book is named David, of course.  He gets into trouble all of the time.  He colors on the walls with crayons, plays baseball in the house, and tracks mud all over the floor.  David's mom has to constantly tell him," No!"  David is sad because he always gets in trouble.  Finally, David's mom reminds him that she loves him even though he is always in trouble.

Does your mom ever have to tell you," No!"?  Pretend  that you are David.  What could you do differently to make sure that your mom did not have to continue to tell you no?

What can you do to show someone that you love them even when they do things that may not be correct? Jeanne's Hub Page