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Hi!  My name is Jeanne Harris.  I am a student at Valdosta State University.  I have also been a student at another university --- Mercer University!  I am from Adel, Georgia, but I love to travel around the world.  My first travel adventure took place when I was a Junior in high school at Valwood School.  A group of students from Valwood (including myself) traveled to France.  When I was a Senior in high school, I traveled to Greece and Turkey.  My last adventure took place my Senior year at Mercer University when I traveled to England and Scotland with a group of students for a study abroad experience.  My adventures around the world were very interesting and really fun.

I may have had lots of fun in another country, but I was always happy to come home to my family and my cat.   I am getting married on May 25, 2002, to a wonderful man named Brent.

As a student at Mercer University, I studied Finance and I have a degree in Business Administration.  After graduating from Mercer, I moved back home and began school at Valdosta State University.  At VSU, my major is Early Childhood and Reading Education.  I decided to become a teacher because I love children and I want to help them to learn about all of the different places the I have visited.

I love to collect owls and I hope that all of my students will be as smart as the "wise old owls" on this page!  At Mercer, I was a member of Chi Omega, which is a sorority.  Our mascot is the owl, and that is the reason that I love owls so much!
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No David!
This is a picture that I created with the Paint Program and a story about a book titled,"No David!" by David Shannon.
No David Lesson Plan
This is a techonology and language arts lesson plan centered around the book "No David!"
Do you know your ABCs and 1-2-3s?
This is a web site designed to teach pre-kindergarten students the letters of the alphabet and the counting numbers.
Topic Lesson for ABCs and 1-2-3s
This is a lesson plan for a topic lesson on ABCs and 1-2-3s.
Electronic Portfolio
Electronic Portfolio for Early Childhood Education program
Cities Around the World
Interesting Facts and Comparison Weather Table for Athens, GA, and Athens, Greece.
Welcome to the Park
This is an e-book that I co-authored with 3 other Early Childhood and Reading Education majors.  It is a book about playground safety.


graduation owl sitting on booksgraduation owl sitting on booksgraduation owl sitting on booksgraduation owl sitting on books

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