Bounce Into Education          

Tigger's name and Tigger pictures

Designed by Jennifer Griffin


Hi!  My name is Jennifer Griffin.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am pursuing a bachelors degree in  Early Childhood Education.  I am expecting to graduate in December 2007.  I have always loved children and enjoy being around them.  I hope to one day teach Pre-K or Kindergarten.

                                                         Bouncing Tigger

I was raised in  Nashville, Georgia with my two sisters, Marie and Amanda.  I now live near Nashville with my four children, Cortney, 8, Kamaryn, 6, John Thomas, 4, and Joshua, 2.  We have two dogs, one cat, and a bird.  In my free time  I enjoy reading, fishing, and watching Nascar.


                                                                                    Jumping Tigger
  Two teacher resource pages that I found that I really liked were Brain Pop and Reading Rainbow.  Brain Pop has resources for both teachers and parents.  Reading Rainbow had many different resources from lesson plans to book lists.  Both are excellent websites for teachers and parents.

                                                                          Tigger splashing through a puddle of water 

Tigger with arms wide open
Student Resources

Tigger checking out a frog

Ways I Can Integrate Technology

Tigger has found his tail

Live Text Portfolio
Tigger catching a ball
Topic Mini-Research & Literature Website
Tigger laying in the flowers
Topic Mini-Research Lesson Plan
Tigger holding a shovel
Topic Literature Lesson Plan

Tigger laying down

Electronic Reading Activity
Tigger is dressed as a pirate

Tigger with a butterfly on his tail

Inspiration Concept Map

Tigger with flashing email