How do Animals Move?

This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Hand/Mrs. Miller's 1st Grade Class at Annie Belle Clark Primary School
Designed by Jessica Watson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Do you know that the Sloth is the slowest moving four-legged animal? If you want to find out more about the sloth go to Enchanted Learning and click on the word sloths.

Have you ever wondered how bats fly? To learn more about bats and their flight go to World Almanac for Kids.

Snakes are creepy-crawly creatures! Would you like to find out how they get around? Go to How Stuff Works to find out.

Sharks are very powerful swimmers! To learn more about sharks and how they swim lets go to Exzooberance and click on They Swim then click on shark.

Mini-Research Real World Activity
Safari Ride to Africa!
We are going to explore many animals at Exzooberence. Then you will pretend that you are going on a Safari to Africa. We are going to ride around in our jeep and observe many animals in the wild. We have to be very quiet, so we don't disturb them because they may attack us! You are going to be a reporter and write down the names of the animals you see, how it moves around, and then draw a picture of one of the animals. This is a big assignment, but I know you can do it! Have fun and be very careful!

Steps for Real World Activity

1. We will discuss different animals and they way they move at Exzooberence.
2. You are going to go on a Safari and observe the animals you see.
3. You will write down the names of four animals.
4. You will write down how the four animals move.
5. You will draw a picture of one of the animals and label it.

Topic Literature Activity


Title: Animal Movement
Author: Malcolm Penny
Illustrated By: Wendy Meadway

Topic Literature Activity

Questions for Understanding

1. What do fish use to swim?
2. Do snakes have legs? What do snakes use to grip the ground?
3. What are two different flying styles for birds?
4. What is the fastest four legged mammal?

Critical Thinking Question

1. What kind of animal would you like to be and why?
2. Name an animal that can live on land or in water?

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