Under the Sea...of Knowledge
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Nemo and friend swimming.

Hi! Welcome to my website "Under the Sea... of Knowledge".  I am Jessica Parks.  Currently, I am twenty years old and a junior at Valdosta State University and I recently began my first professional educational block.  I am an Early Childhood Education major in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department.  Becoming a teacher has always been my dream career.  Previously, I thought I wanted to teach second grade but after working with children of all ages this summer, I know I would be happy with any grade. 

College of Edu.

The College of Education at Valdosta State University is where I spend most of my time.

My hobbies include being a member of the Delta Theta Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and Baptist Collegiate Ministries.  These two activities, school work, and hanging out with my friends takes up most of my free time. I also enjoy playing flag football for my sorority.  This summer, I had an incrediable opportunity to work as a Student Intern at Parkway Baptist Church in Bardswtown, Kentucky.   I worked with students from kindergarten to twelth grade.  I taught Bible studies, planned activites, and went on a mission trip for a week to St. Louis, Missiouri.   I learned a lot from this experience from planning activites for students of all ages to improving my public speaking skills.


This is me sharing Christ with a young boy from St. Louis.

I have lived in Jesup, Georgia all of my life.  Jesup is a small town in Southeast Georgia.  It was a great place to grow up.  An interesting fact about my town is we have a  drive-in movie theater.    My Dad is from Jesup and most of my family lives there now.  My mom, Jackie, is a physical education teacher and my dad, Randy, works at Fort Stewart Army Base.   I am the oldest of two girls.  I have a sixteen year old sister named Kadie.  My family is very special to me.

Kadie and me.

My sister, Kadie, and I at Panama City Beach, Florida.

I have found the Georgia Department of Education website to be extremely helpful.  This website not only has the Georgia Performance Standards, but it has lesson plans as well.  Also, the website offers ideas for bulletin boards.  The website also offers articles that explain when standards are changed or updated.  Another useful website is Edutopia.  Edutopia offers project learning ideas and gives articles from elementary schools sharing ideas of projects and activities that are working in their schools.  A list of ways to get parents involved in the schools and in their student's learning is also a helpful component of this website. 


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