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Mini-Research Lesson Plan 2
To enhance this lesson. I will ask for questions for higher level thinking!

General Information
Name: Jessica D. Smith
School/Mentor Teacher: Hahira Elementary/ Mrs. Porter
Grade Level: K
Subject Area: Social Studies (Technology Integration Lesson)
Date Taught: Your information
Total Duration of Lesson: About 45 minutes

Title of Mini-Research Lesson
Land or Water? You decide

Primary Learning Outcome (PLO)
 PLO: Students will look at a map and a globe and find examples of land and water features

Related Georgia Pervormance Standard (GPS) or Bright from the Start Standard
Georgia Performance Standard (GPS)
 Social Studies Performance Standard
Grade: K
Standard SSKG2: The student will explain that a map is a drawing of a place and a globe is amodel of the Earth
Differenciate land and water features on simple maps and globes

Materials and Equipment
1. Computer
2. Pencil & paper (to make notes for lesson plan assessment and reflections)
3. Modification of a  lesson developed by Dr. Diane L. Judd (http://www.valdosta.edu/~djudd/researchlesson1.html)
4. SMART Board
5. Map, Globe, GPS

Technology Connection
Technologies that will be used in this lesson include:
(Note: delete in green text what you are not going to use)

Step One: Introduction
Work with a small group of students, explain to students that they are going to use a   SMART Board e to learn about the world can be model either in drawings or a globe. Students will  look at a map and a globe and find examples of land and water features on either a globe or a map
List 2 or more questions that introduce students to your Mini-Research Lesson and will establish a connection to students' prior knowledge.
1. Have you ever gone on a trip? Did you use a map or a globe to see where you were going?
2. What is an example of a land feature?
3. What is an example of a water feature?  
Will explain to students about the special Mini-Research Lesson that was made for their class.  

Estimated Time:
5 minutes

Step Two Teaching the Primary Learning Outcomes
Teach the content relevant to the primary learning outcome:
This lesson will be taught using the computer with Mini-Reserach Lesson published on the  SMART Board.  This is an interactive lesson.  There are three content information pages with educational links that are followed by three interactive activities pages for the students to complete. 

Check for understanding before going on.
Students with teacher assistance will explore, discuss the content information, and complete the interactive activities in the Mini-Research Lesson.  Will ask numerous questions for understianding throughout the lesson.   Below is an example of three questions of understanding for each of the content pages.
1.  What is a map?
  What is a globe?
.  What are some examples of land and water features? .
4. Which is flat a map or a globe

Provide practice and feedback related to the primary learning outcome.
The Mini-Research Lesson is a guided pratice lesson.  Students will complete the three interactive activities developed from the information on the three content pages in the Mini-Research Lesson. 

Estimated Time:
35 minutes

Step Three: Closure

The last page of the Mini-Research Lesson, page 8, begins the closure with the question,  "Tell me some things that you have learned about in this lesson." 
(Add two closure statements:)
1. Maps and globes help us find places in the world. On these maps and globes there are many different features. The features on maps and globes are water and land features.
2. All the things we have learned about today, you will use in other subjects. For instance in science you will talk about the water cycle, and the formation of volcanos.

Estimated Time:
5 minutes

Plan for Eary Finishers
The students in this lesson will work together with teacher during the entire lesson.


This will be turned in as an in-class activity. 


*********  To here for lesson plan evaluation.  Information below will be entered after teaching your lesson.  **********

1. Comment on your teaching of how your Mini-Research Lesson created learning experiences and activities that implemented the use a variety of resources and technologies.  Describe the technologies and software that you used to develop your lesson and the technologies that were used to present your lesson. (* To receive full credit description must include a minimum of  two sentences and a detailed example.)

2. State evidence to show that your students gained knowledge during your Mini-Research Lesson.  Give some of your students' comments and descriptions of your students working on your interactive activities.  (* To receive full credit description must include a minimum of two sentences and a detailed example.)

3. Give at least one suggestion that would lead to improving your teaching practices and student achievement.  (* To receive full credit description must include a minimum of two sentences and a detailed example.)

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