A Little Bit of Fishy Fun!!
Dedicated to Caleb and Megan (Grades Pre-K and Kindergarten)
Designed by Jennifer Thompson

painted fish

Not all fish look exactly the same.  Have you ever seen a close-up picture of a fish?  Why not take a look now!
I live in a house.  Do fish live in houses like we do?  Where do they live?  Let's find out!
My favorite food to eat is pizza.  What is your favorite food?  What do you think fish eat?
I breathe out of my mouth and nose.  If fish live underwater, how do they breathe?  Good question!  Let's explore and see!

All the Beautiful Fish
Today we are going to pretend that we are judges for a fish beauty contest.  All of the underwater contestants are dressing up in their best clothes.  As a judge, your job is to take a picture of each of the fish entering the contest.  Since we can't take our cameras underwater, I need you to draw a picture of the two fish you think are the most beautiful.  Next, we will write the name of the fish you have chosen so we can share it with our friends.  You can visit the marine site to see your contestants.  Have Fun!!

Steps for Real-World Activity
1.  Visit the marine website.
2.  After viewing the fish, choose the two that you think are the most beautiful.
3.  Draw a picture of them.
4.  Write the name of the fish under it.
5.  Turn your drawings into the teacher so they can be put on the Internet for all to see!!

Topic Literature Activity

Cover of Book
Written by Marcus Pfister

Literature Activity Critical thinking Questions
1. If you were Rainbow Fish, how would you feel about playing with the big whale?

2..What games do you think that Rainbow Fish, Big Blue Whale, and the other fish played?

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