School Days, School Days
Designed by Jennifer Thompson

A country school house

        Good morning, boys and girls!  My name is Jennifer Thompson, and I am a junior at Valdosta State University, majoring in Early Childhood Education. I am planning to graduate in December 2007.  I love children and am excited about teaching students new and exciting concepts!

    One of my favorite things to do is to read.  Reading is so important to develop a complete education.  Some of my favorite books to read are children's books.  To find some really good children's book, why don't you visit the Scholastic Web Site?

    I enjoy traveling, although I haven't done very much of it.  If I could pick anywhere in the world to go, it would be to Alaska.  I would love to go to see an environment that is the complete opposite of what I am used to.

    Technology is vital to teachers.  You can find so many good resources and aides on-line.  Two sites that I have found helpful are the Georgia Learning Connection and Jan Brett's web-site.

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