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This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. James's kindergarten class at Pine Grove Elementary School.
Designed by Jenny Williams, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

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Do you know some of the different ways there are to travel from place to place? Check out several different ways of transportation at this learning website: Transit People.
animated boat Transportation helps us to carry cargo, wood, and even people!  Go on a traveling adventure with Tex and Dot to see some pictures of different ways that transportation is used on land, in water, and even through the air. 
animated blue plane
Do you know some different ways that people have traveled through the air over the years?  This History of Flight website will show you some pictures of transportation through the air.
Diney Magic
Have you ever traveled across water in a big cruise ship? This Panama Canal website lets you take a virtual tour on Mickey Mouse's Disney Magic ship! This is an example of  transportation over water.
horse and buggy art Did you know that before 1876 people had to walk or use horse and buggy to travel on land? This America on the Move website will show you how transportation has changed throughout the years.
animated red light
      With all these different ways of transportation, we must always remember to keep safety first.   This Traffic Safety Kids Page will give you some tips to stay safe. 

      Also, there are many different signs that we must know in order to remain safe on the streets. This Read Your Road website will teach you what each sign means.
transportation ways Who invented all the different types of transportation, and when? The Fact Monster helps us find out.  The Almanac for Kids also gives a timeline of who invented some of the types of transportation?
books  What does transportation mean? What does it mean to transport by land, water, or air? Find out these definitions at the online encyclopedia.  For more detailed definitions you can go to Encarta Online. 

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Mission Activity
transportation art

         Through our journey we have learned that there are many different types of transportation. Transportation on land includes walking, riding a bike, driving a car, or riding a train.  We know that transportation in water includes boats, ferries, canoes, and ships.  We can also travel in the air by a hot air balloon or an airplane.  Of course, these are not the only ways of transportation. We also learned different ways to remain safe while dealing with transportation.
Today you are going to pretend that you are a travel agent
someone who arranges trips for customers) for the Transport Travel Agency
. One of your clients comes in and tells you that they want to take a vacation to the island of the Bahamas.  They ask for your advice to help them arrange their transportation plans to get there. They live in Valdosta, Georgia, so they have to get all the way from their house in Valdosta to their Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas.  Since the Bahamas are islands, they are completely surrounded by water.  Do you think that you can come up with a travel plan to help get your client from Valdosta to the Bahamas?  Should they take a car, a train, a plane, or a boat? It is up to you. Also, are there any safety tips that might be helpful for your client to know when using the different types of transportation?  You can use the websites about Traffic Safety and the pictures from Tex and Dot to help you get some ideas. Check out these websites to see a map from Valdosta to Florida and a map of the Bahamas. These will help you see where your client could travel.
Mission Activity Steps

1.  Explore the different types of transportation from
Tex and Dot and the safety tips from Traffic Safety.
2. Think about the different ways that you could help your client travel all the way from Valdosta  to the Bahamas.
3. You will be given paper and crayons to draw two types of transportation your client could use in order to travel across the ocean.
4. Write if the transportation is by land, water, or air.
5. Write a sentence at the bottom of your picture about
the safety tips you think your client needs to know before they travel using your chosen transportation method.  I will help you.
6. We will scan your pictures and put them on the Internet.

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