Global Diversity Activity
Designed by Jenny Williams

Broken Feather
(A story about Native Americans)
By Verla Kay
Illus. by Stephen Alcorn

Broken Feather Cover

     broken feather paint

Nez Perce Indians
(a Native American tribe)

Websites and Pictures

The Nez Perce People

Historical Sites

Nez Perce Food

indian and baby
What did the Native Americans wear?
Find out here!
If you could design your own Native American oufit, what would you make it look like?

chief joseph
View more pictures of historical Nez Perce Indians here.

 indian and horses 

indian site

indian cuisine   indian food

Do you like to try different
kinds of food? 

What kind of Indian foods do you think you might like to try?

indian soup

tee pee
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