Learning With Letters
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Baxter's Pre-K class at Lomax-Pinevale Elementary.
By: Jennifer Adams, a Valdosta State Pre-Service Teacher


Are you having trouble learning your letters?  Well, you are going to become an expert on the letters of the alphabet. You will be able to play games with letters and hear the way they sound.  You will also get to see tons of animals and even some dinosaurs.  Don't be scared now, they are just on the computer. There are quizzes and fun sounds on some of the websites.  You will see learning about letters is fun and exciting!  Have fun browsing.

Don't you just love Sesame Street? The Sesame Street site is very fun and interesting for young kids.  There are plenty of games to play to help learn letters.  Come join Big Bird and the rest of the Sesame Street Gang!

Have you every wondered what some letters sound like? This lil-fingers website is for you to learn how to say each letter.  You can also learn to recognize the uppercase and lowercase letters.  All you have to do is click on each letter to her how it is pronounced. 

Do you ever have trouble remembering the first letter of different objects?  On Go Kidding, you can click on a letter and two or three objects will pop up that start with that letter.  This may help you remember the letters a little better. 

Have you ever been curious about dinosaurs?  The Enchanted Learning website will show you a different dinosaur for every letter of the alphabet.  They even tell you fun and interesting facts about their size and what they ate. 

There are tons of animals that represent different letters.  On the Kids Yellowstone National Park website, you can learn about all kinds of animals that start with different letters.  They even show you a real picture of the animal and tell you a little bit about them. 

If you click on Fact Monster, you will be able to read the definition of the alphabet.  This may help you understand a little bit more about letters. 


Congratulations!  You have been selected to become a park ranger for the day.  Go to the Kids Yellowstone National Park website and check out all the animals.  Study them closely because you will be using them later. 
1. First you must look closely at the website.
2. Next, pick your favorite letter and look again at the picture of that animal.
3. Then, using your crayons and paper, first write the letter you picked on the top of your paper. 
4. After you write the letter, draw a picture of that animal. Be sure the animal looks like the picture on the website.  
5.  Once you are done drawing the animal from the website tell me the name of the animal so that I can write it down below.   
6.  Once you are all done with the picture, I will take it and post it on my website so that other students like you can look at it.

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