Albert's Adventure Swimming
Story written by: Jennifer Adams



            Once upon a time, there was a young turtle whose name was Albert.  Albert was the youngest turtle in his family.  He was only three years old.  Albert had six brothers and sisters who were very mean to him and never wanted to spend time with him. 

Albert, his Mom, his Dad, and his six brothers and sisters all lived in a little hole underneath the ground next to a big beautiful pond. Albert loved where he lived, because he loved the water. 

Since Albert was so young, he was not allowed to go swimming unless one of his older brothers or sisters went along with him.  One nice summer day, Albert wanted to go swimming so badly.  He begged his oldest brother to take him, but he said he was too busy playing with his friends.  He then asked his oldest sister and she said she was too busy taking all of their other sisters to sun bathe on the lily pads.  He continued to ask everyone else, including his mom and dad and kept getting the same answer.  “Everyone is just too busy for me,” said Albert.  “I bet if I go swimming by myself, no one will ever miss me.”  So Albert put on his swimming trunks and headed to the pond.  The sun was shinning down on the crystal clear water, which made the pond very warm.  Albert jumped right in.  “This feels so nice,” he thought to himself.  Before he knew it, the sun was beginning to set.  He knew he had to get home for dinner or he would be in trouble.  “Just a little while longer won’t hurt,” he thought.  Soon, the sun was gone and it was completely dark outside.  Albert became very scared because he did not know how to get back home.  He walked around the pond for hours and couldn’t find his home.  He yelled for his brothers and sisters.  When they didn’t answer, he yelled for his mom and dad.  No one replied.  Albert was very scared.  He found a tree, curled up in his red towel, and quickly drifted off to sleep. 

The next morning, Albert awoke to a heavy shake.  It was his oldest brother.  “Where have you been all night Albert, we have been looking all over for you,” said his brother.  Everyone was so worried about Albert.  His mom and dad quickly snatched up and carried him home.  They were so happy to see Albert and they promised to take him swimming the next time he wanted to go as long as he didn’t try to go by himself anymore.

Critcal Thinking Questions

1. How would you change the main character?

2. Where would your story take place?

3. What would happen to the main character in your story?

4. How would your story end?

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