Four Changing Seasons
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for
Mrs. Carter's Pre-Kindergarten Class at Echols County Elementary School
Designed by Jennifer Moore, at Valdosta State Preservice Teacher


Winter is the season that gives us snow.  Which season gives us Christmas?  What do you wear when it is cold outside.  Would you like to help my friend get dressed for the cold weather?
The colors of the leaves on trees change as seasons change.  What do trees lose and grow back eary year as the seasons change?
Spring is my favorite season!  Do you know which season gives us colorful flowers and Easter eggs?  I'll give you a hint, the season is between summer and fall.  Do you want to grow your own flowers?
Are the hottest days of the year in winter, fall, spring, or summer?  During this season you probably watch fireworks and go swimming while celebrating July 4th.  Go to this website and find out which month marks the beginning of sunny summer!

Time to Teach!
     Lets pretend that you are the teacher!  You have to teach a classroom of 18 students what you know about the four changing seasons.  Your overall topic is Earth Science.  You have just completed a lesson on the changes in the weather and temperature.  Now you have to teach them which seasons do the weather characteristics that they already know apply.
     At the beginning of your lesson you will explain to the students that you are going to teach them all about the changing seasons.  After you tell them the exciting news you are going to show them what each season looks like through your drawing.  Your drawing is very important, because this is the only visual your students have to recognize what each season looks like.  You have to teach the students your knowledge of winter, fall, spring, and summer so that they know the seasons just as well as you.  You must give clear pictures and definitions of each season until all of your students understand what takes place during each season.
     Your picture is VERY important!  The only way your students will know which season is which is through your very own drawing.  You must draw one cold, snowy picture for the winter season, one windy, colorful fall picture, one cool, full of life spring picture, and one hot, melting summer picture!  Check out this link to spark some of you seasonal ideas!  Good luck Teacher!

Steps to Complete Real World Activity
1.  Explore each season changing site above.
2.  As you visit each website, think of which pictures you would like to use to represent  the seasons you have to teach.  Click on the Earth Day link and help clean the Earth while looking at the pictures to get ideas for your drawing!
3.  Draw and label each season on one of your four blank pieces of paper.  You can go to to refresh your memory
4.  Teach the lesson!  Show your drawing to your students stating what season is shown in your drawing and what does each season bring.  For example, Fall brings changing leaves, Winter brings snow, Sping brings baby chicks, and Summer brings hot weather for bathing suits!

Topic Literature Activity
My Book of the Seasons
Written by: Stephanie Calmenson
Illustrated by: Eugenie
My Book of the Seasons

Four Fun Seasons
A. seasons  Do you think you could help my friend get dressed for each of the four seasons?
B. Understandinghich season do you go to the beach, play all day in the hot sun, and eat melting popcicle
1. Which season is the coldest season of all four seasons?
2. How many seasons do we have?
3. Can you tell me which season gives us new pink, yellow, purple, and red flowers?
4. During which season do you go to the beach, play all day in the hot sun, and eat melting popcicles?

C. Critical Thinking
1. What is your favorite season in the book?  Why?
2. Do you do the same activites in each season as the children in the book do?  If not, what do you do different?

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