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Designed by Jennifer Moore

     Hi!  My name is Jennifer Moore.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University.  I am in my first professional semester studying Early Childhood Education.  I plan on graduating in December of 2008.  I hope to further my education at VSU obtaining my Masters Degree.  I have always loved children!  I hope to begin my full-time teaching career in a Kindergarten classroom.  

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      I was born and raised in Tifton, Ga with three over-protective bothers, Bryan, David, and Kip, and two sassy sisters, Joanna and Mallory.  I adore my stay-at-home mother, Bonnie Moore, and my Golf Pro father, Stan Moore, is my hero.  I am now living in Valdosta, Ga with my best friend from Highschool, Ashley Patterson.  A few of my favorite things include: shopping, tanning, cereal, bulky sweatshirts, being with my family, eating at P.F.Changs, and Paula Dean.  I grew up playing the piano and I have just recently become interested in playing the guitar.  My favorite musician is Johnny Cash!

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      I have traveled to Scotland last year with my dad.  I would love to return someday and visit the other three constiuent nations forming the United Kingdom.  My lucky future husband must take me to Bora Bora to celebrate our honeymoon.  Vacationing on that magical island is, without a doubt, a desire of mine!


     There are many great educational websites for teachers on the internet.  The site, Math Fact Cafe can be very useful for teachers of mathematics.  I enjoy this site because everything about math intrigues me and I love it!  Also, Enchanted Learning is very helpful to teachers who could possibly use some help planning for a lesson.  However, there is a fee to join, but in my opinion the money is definitely worth it.  This site is beneficial for as a practicum teacher, a student teacher, and a full-time teacher because it offers many lessons to use as a guide or to borrow.  I also strongly believe in integrating a music class in Elementary School.  Not only do the children love it, the music also gives them a chance to express themselves!

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