Pilgrim's Progress

This TopicQuest page was designed for Mrs. Stodghill's class at Berrien Primary School
By Joel Futch, a Valdosta State University Pre-service Teacher

In this lesson, we will explore the interesting and exciting world in which the first settlers in America, the Pilgrims, lived. We will look at their houses, the clothes they wore, the food they ate, and even take a look at their neighbors, the Indians! We will also look at some of the reasons they left England for America in the first place!


Pilgrims in England
Click here to see where they lived


Reasons They Left for America
Click here to find out why they left England


Where They Lived in America
Click here to see where they landed


Some of the Foods They Ate
Click here to see the neat things they had for dinner


About Pilgrim Houses
Click here to see the way their houses where made


Some Differences Between
 the Indians and the Pilgrims

What were some of the things they shared?


Star in Your Very Own
Thanksgiving Story

Click here to put yourself in the action!


Encyclopedia about Pilgrims
Neat stuff about Pilgrims


Mission Activity

   In this Mission Activity, imagine that you have stepped into a time machine. You travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving feast, and you sit down to eat with the Indians and Pilgrims. You look over you shoulder, and the machine starts to blink! You grab  your plate, and run into the machine just as it flashes back to today! You look down and see what is on your plate, and now you can draw a picture of what you brought back from Plymouth Colony!

Mission Steps

      You will need to have: Crayons, Markers and paper plates.
1.Take a paper plate and a selection of markers and crayons
2. Take the Crayons and Markers and  draw all the good things you put on your plate at the big Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth! (Before you jumped back in the Time Machine!)
3.Think about how they compare with the foods we eat today?






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