The Giving Tree
by Shel Silverstein

Picture and Page designed by
Joel Futch


The Giving Tree: The story of a very special friendship between a young boy and an apple tree.

          The story begins with a tree that loves a small boy. The boy loves the tree in return, and they make each other happy. The boy visits often, playing with the tree, eating apples from the tree, and resting in its shade.

            As the boy grows, he comes to visit the tree less and less often. Finally, the tree begins to make sacrifices to make the boy happy by providing for the wants and needs of the boy. When the boy is happy, the tree is happy, no matter what the tree had to give.

            In the end, the tree is finding that there is less and less of itself to give to the boy. Finally, they have one last meeting.

           What do you think the tree is willing to give at the end of the story to make the boy happy one more time?

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