Do You Know Your ABC's and 1,2,3's ?

This Topic Mini-Research Web Page was devleoped for

Mrs. Carter's Pre-K Class at Lanier County Elementary School
Designed by Jim Burgess, a Valdosta State University  Preservice Teacher

My paint

Alphabet board
Come to Learning Planet and have fun with the alphabet. Can you guess the word for the letters B or C?
Can you guess what animal starts with the letter F ?  Play with the blocks and see how good you are.
The Count
Come to Sesame Street and count with the Count.  How many different objects are in front of him today?
Do you like to play connect the dots?  How many dots do you need to connect to finish the drum or sunglasses?

Let's pretend you are going to take a trip to Sesame Street.  When you arrive you will meet the Count. The Count He will help you learn how to count to 10.  When you return to class you will show your teacher what you have learned by choosing three numbers from a can between one and ten. You will write the numbers on paper and then glue that many pictures next to the number.  When you finish you will count with your class to ten. Hurry, let's get started.  Click on the Count and go directly to Sesame Street.
1.  Go to Sesame Street to meet the Count.
2.  Count along with the lovable Muppet until you can count to ten.
3.  Zoom back to your classroom and choose three numbers from a can between one to ten.  You will glue that many pictures next to the number.  Don't worry the count sent pictures and an example to help!
4.  After you have written your numbers,
your classmates and you will count together.  Are you ready...1,2,3,4....

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