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My name is Jim Burgess and I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2000.  I am currently a Junior at Valdosta State University seeking a degree in Early Childhood Education in the Early Childhood and Special Education DepartmentI am 46 years old, happily married, with 2 great daughters. I aspire to be an elementary school teacher.  I love children and look forward to my new career.  I have survived two daughters going through the teen years and have no desire to teach with this age group. I chose the younger ages because I feel I have a chance to make a difference. That will only happen if I survive my last three semesters at VSU.
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I feel overwhelmed at times with all the requirements of this program.  I have discovered, actually was directed to, a couple of helpful websites for teachers.  All Georgia Performance Standards can be found at the Georgia Standards website.  This site is a must when writing lesson plans.  Early Childhood Links is another site that provides a variety of useful tools for education students or experienced educator.

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 I have lived in Valdosta, Georgia for 14 years, but grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I am an avid Philly sports fan and live and die with the Eagles and Phillies. I  also love to ride my motorcycle and would love to make it to Sturgis before I die. But my greatest source of joy is my family. My perfect day is one with my wife, daughters and friends cooking out and swimming at our pool. Life gets no better than that! 
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