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A New Mission:  I'm a new teacher.  This is my first class.  I've proudly served in the United States Air Force, and now I've decided to take my life into a new direction.  I'm excited about my new adventure.  I will be using all of the skills I have learned through all of my adventures in life, as well as the instruction I have received.  I'll be teaching in the Valdosta area.  As I teach, I will also be learning along the way.  One thing I guarantee is that no matter what, my class will be SUPER!

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My Secret Identity:  My name is John Burford.  I was born in Georgia and have lived in Georgia and Florida most of my life.  I've had many adventures in my life.  I've managed a store, programmed computers, navigated the HC-130 airplane, and married my wonderful wife, Wendy.   I have three kids, Danny (8), Lily (4), and Charley (1).  I also have 2 dogs, a dachshund named Punchy and a bassett hound mutt named Gilligan.  My favorite hobby is art.  I love to draw and paint.  I enjoy running and swimming.   I also like playing video games and watching movies.

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My Super Team:  I'd like to teach elementary grades in special education.  My class will be educational but a lot of fun.  My students will enjoy adaptive games.  I plan on making my class exciting and dynamic.  I will be flexible to the needs of each of my students.  I will ensure that they receive the most emphasis in the areas they need. 

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Mr. Burford's Super Classroom News & Important Dates: 
Information will be added for 2008-09 school year.

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