Spring has Sprung
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed for
 Ms. Campbell's Kindergarden Class at Moulton Branch Elementary School
Designed By  Jeanine Walker, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

spring picture

blooming flowers                                                                                                                                                                       blooming flowers

"April showers bring May flowers."
Do you know where rain comes from ?
Come take a look at the weather that is typical in the Springtime.

Beautiful and nice; April showers help bloom these beautiful Flowers!
Have you ever wondered about the parts of a flower?
Come learn about the journey flowers take to bloom.
From creepy crawlers to beautiful butterflies, Do you ever wonder how they do that?
Let's explore the life cycle inside.

spinning earth
 Do you know about Earth Day? Earth Day is a holiday that is celebrated in the Spring.
Come learn the ABC's of recycling and pollution, so you can help make our Earth a clean place to live this Earth Day!

butterflyBeautiful Butterfly butterfly

Imagine you are a in a Drexel park enjoying a beautiful Spring day, while having fun playing in the nature around you. You run into a small moving insect and you wonder " What is this wiggly creature?" Being that you are a very curious and smart kid you take the creature and put in in your pocket and take it home to your mother. She then tells you to put it in a glass jar, take care of it, and to make sure there are plenty of leaves it every night before you go to bed. You start noticing that the wiggly creature turns into a solid grey object for a few days then it begins to turn itself into a beautiful butterfly. Now that the butterfly is flying try to draw it before it flies away and make sure your label the parts of your beautiful butterfly before you set it free!

Steps to Complete Your Beautiful Butterfly

1)  Re-visit the website on the life cycle of a butterfly and look at the pictures.
2) Think about what you want your butterfly to look like, they are all different so be creative.
3) Use your blank sheet of paper to draw your butterfly. You may use crayons, or markers
4)  Take a look at the this butterfly website so you can label the parts of  your butterfly.
5)  When finished write your name on the paper and turn it in to Miss Walker.

Topic Literature Activity
It's Pumpkin Time
By: Zoe Hall
Illustrated By: Shari Halpern

It's pumpkin time

Topic Literature Activity
A. Parts of  a plant. purple flower
B. Questions of understanding
1. What kind of tools do you need to plant the seeds?
2. What things do your plants need to grow?
3. Do plants bloom right away?
4.  Are pumpkins the only plant that grows vines?

C. Critical thinking questions
1. If you were planting your own garden during anytime of the year, what kinds of plants would you plant?
2. The children in the book planted pumpkins for Halloween, what would you plant in the Spring?

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